DEATH OF THE AUTHOR.  – Ronald Barthes


Ronald Barthes stands a pioneer into the realm of structuralism in Literary theory. Interested by Ferdinand De Sassure idea about structuralism, Ronald Barthes took major ideas as from his view and placed structuralism into many dimensions, including mythologies. (1957).  His earlier published works analyzed ideas of other authors ideas, its modern forms etc.  Later on he took up ideas of culture, values and a form of Marxian semiology.  His study was thus to show the relation or saturation of the culture and ideological propositions (myth) presented to be natural or self-evident , which is a modern idea of cultural studies.

Through many of his research, he took interest as to the narrative part of a Literature in his ideology of structuralism and came to a question of who an author was.  He starts his idea with the author slowing fading into his own death with the starting of his/her narration.  Into a hemisphere of unknown the author of that narration falls into oblivion. We are unaware of when the author has passed along from us and is now dead.  So as to see the position of the narrative is never assumed by a person but by mediator, shaman or a relater who are admired for their performance which is key for narration but not for their genius or intellectual talent. So author is seen maybe as a performer. Many questions arises as to who this author is from Middle age to modern era but throughout this time line an author is seen to reign over the history of literature timeline and be of significant importance in every literature.

Though remaining powerful in his term, the Author yet in the era of new criticism has been looked at through aspect of replacement. That being said Stephanie Mallarme looked at the language of the text as to conquering the idea about the author. Language gave the role of narration according to Mallarme and this is what the idea of the author was about. Many other followed this criticism towards the idea of the Author, explaining as psychology of the ego etc.

Upon all the analysis and thinking Ronald Barthes concluded the mystery of what is an Author. He gave his idea about Author as not being anyone but our own intuition and our own psychological analysis and perspective to seeing and thinking about a certain object.  The idea of the Death of Author beings as the author himself starts to write his novel. An author dies at the very beginning when the writing starts and with our own mind we build a narrator inwards the story and this ultimately becomes the most important factor as to the beginning of our author of narration and the death of the author who wrote the idea.

Thus Ronald Barthes gives important towards the readers and not the writers. Which in future plays a important factor as to how a text can be interpreted through different views and ideas from different peoples perspective and not only through the writer or the author, thus the death of the author.